Former President Bush to be JAILED FOR WAR CRIMES!

No one thought that George W. Bush would ever see any parts of a jail over getting us involved in the Iraqi war based on his concoction  of lies that the Iraqi government had weapons of mass destruction, BUT THE DAY HAS COME!  The ATF, FBI, and CIA came together in concert to descend on his Texas ranch and apprehend the former President with the assistance of former National Security Advisor, Condoleeza Rice.

According to the New York Post, she appeared to be a woman scourned with the top secret reports she surrendered to Congress in February.  The evidence of falsifying documents and reports gave way to a President Obama lead underground investigation of the document submitted to the UN in 2001 that lead to Bush’s overriding decision to engage us in war.

He will sit in Leavenworth prison without bond until all documents and testimonies have been reviewed.  President Obama’s top political advisor, David Axelrod issued a statement:  “The atrocities committed in Bush’s campaign against the fabric of America will no longer go unpunished.  He will pay his debt in full to the families of America that have lost their sons and daughters in a war that should’ve never happened.  Bush and quite possibly Dick Cheney, will pay for some time with their sweat and tears in our special wing at Leavenworth.  We have created the wing to be governed in the exact reflection of Guantanamo Bay when Bush was its overseer.   We are also seizing voting records from both elections of the former President and we are speaking with former Enron officials who have already provided evidence of wrongdoings.”

It’s also being rumored that Obama will seek psychiatric evaluation of the former President.  But the evaluations will not be used to assess whether he can stand for trial, but whether he had the proper IQ and/or aptitude to serve as a U.S. President at all.

YES!!  We have waited so long to hear these words!!  So long that it pains me to say…april fool’s.  DAMN!

-J.C. Brooks

5 thoughts on “Former President Bush to be JAILED FOR WAR CRIMES!”

  1. that was a good one! LOL you really got me on that! How I wish this were true! I was ready to party, LOL!

  2. LOL Good one! I figured it out, but damn it was good. lol!!!
    I knew his secret lover Condoleeza wasnt turnin’ nuffin ova. lol!

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