21 Dead Infants Wash Ashore in China River

Beijing is staring a controversy in the face, but in one day the dumping of 21 dead infants in a river has turned from a horrific medical action to maybe it’s a cultural thing.  NOT!!   According to the Associated Press, the Shandong province-based Qilu Evening News reported that hospitals normally ask the family to take dead infants.  

Also, some rural families in China see the death of a young child as bad luck among some rural families, and the baby is abandoned or put in an unmarked grave.  The two mortuary workers responsible for the dumping of these babies have been arrested, but nothing telling authorities why they did this.  Allegedly, the families paid them to get rid of the infants…but…not like this.

Could you imagine swimming along in the river and a dead baby floats up next to you or a part of the baby floats by you?  The people who discovered the baby nearly had that experience.  According to the report, one of the babies was in a yellow plastic bag marked “medical waste.”  Ridiculous!

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