Skip Gates Argues Slavery Africans Fault?

Henry Louis "Skip" Gates

Professor Skip Gates has long attempted to bring light to the truth of slavery.  And that truth is that Africans are the reason that slavery exists in the first place. 

But, then he brings up reparations as a fuzzy issue.  All because “elite Africans” sold other Africans into slavery.  Well, the other part of this argument has to do with context.

Let’s get a little more technical about the sales.  The beginning of slavery is documented in various historic sources between the 16th and 17th centuries.  Continue reading

Video: ‘Booty Pop’ Falls Flat

If you have been one of the many unfortunate people to see the latest “as shown on television” invention, “Booty Pop”, then we feel your pain.  Whoever the company is that is shoveling this manure needs to be ashamed of themselves.  This stuff is made by the same snake oil salesman that brought women such gems as:  Titie 2000, Hair In a Jiffy and Hips Be Gone.  But if you have not seen it, well, we simply must induct you into our elite group.   But don’t take it as a slight, consider this a public service announcement. Continue reading

Who Is the Pine-Sol Lady?

Diane Amos

The Pine-Sol lady has one of the most familiar faces that we do not know.  In other words, who is she?  Diane Amos is a film and television star that you may notice from cameo type roles in movies like: Nine Months, Patch Adams, and Legally Blonde to name a few.

But now, she’s the envy of women everywhere in the newest Pine-Sol commercials where a muscular guy comes in and mops her floor for Continue reading

Detroit Strip Club Owner Caught with 14-Year Old

A young lady comes to your bar, applies for a job stripping and you let her.  Now you’ve looked at her every which way and give her the job.  Something about her has to set off a few bells and whistles.  But, no, you swallow those thoughts and go straight to thoughts of all the money she’s going to make for you because she’s so youthful and pretty.

Andrew Huston, 31, is a little too young to make choices like turning away a 14-year old stripper, but he’s the owner of the club.  Continue reading

Black Male Serial Killer Judge Removed from Case

Anthony Sowell, 50

Remember the serial killer, Anthony Sowell, from Cleveland, Oh., we reported on November 2, 2009?  Well, he’s back in the news because the latest update to his case is that the judge has been thrown out of the court room.  Judge Shirley Strickland Saffold had a little problem with the Cleveland Plain Dealer regarding information for the Sowell case and his attorneys, John P. Parker and Rufus Sims, felt that made her bias to the case.

Sowell, 50, is accused of killing 11 women and sexually assaulting and injuring others.  He left the bodies to rot in his home and the people of the Cleveland neighborhood Continue reading

Video: Man Dies On Street While New Yorkers Walk By

Either this is yet another case of our society’s numbness to tragedy or this is yet another day of New Yorkers passing by their homeless…or what they THOUGHT was a homeless man sleeping on the street.   But it was really a man who had just helped a woman who was being mugged keep her purse.  The mugger turned to him and stabbed him several times before running off.

And even after the man was stabbed, he continued in his Superman role by pursuing the man in a high speed foot chase back down the street.  Unfortunately, the unidentified superhero collapsed on the street  Continue reading

Don’t Use 911 for Pick-Up Service

If you’re under the influence it might seem normal to call for assistance if you’re “down.”  But, you might want to use that same clarity to wise up and think before calling 911 to your drunken state.  A woman, Quandria Bailey, 28, unfortunately did not come to her senses before she made the call.

Bailey, a New Haven, Conn. resident, was out getting her liquour level up, when she thought to herself, “Self! time to go home!”  But, that was the only reasoning that made sense.  Continue reading

Aliens Are Really Out There

Stephen Hawking trying zero gravity

World renowned physicist, Stephen Hawking, has given support to conclude that there really is life out there in the universe somewhere. But, he says we shouldn’t be afraid of them coming here, they have bigger fish to fry.  Hawking, paralyzed since early adulthood with the degenerative nerve disease ALS, is certain that we don’t want to meet the aliens that may be living among us.

If there are aliens out there, the only reason we would come into contact with them is that they may have developed into a race similar to our own and are running out of resources.  Continue reading