Ricky Martin Is Living La Vida Loca?

Ricky Martin

People used to say that Ricky was a bit more gay in his dance steps than he should be.  And that’s “gay” as in jovial!  That the spring in his step was just a little bit more than the average rhythmic latin dancer.  But, we didn’t believe them because he didn’t want us to.  He never really rebuked the rumors, just kinda dismissed them.

Well, he is finally free and clear!  He came out to the press saying that he is a “fortunate homosexual man.”  He wrote a note on his website explaining the life he chose to live up until now and why it was time for him to dispel the rumors and let it all hang out.  Surely, no one will stop buying your records Ricky…you haven’t made any!  And maybe THAT’S why it was the perfect time to tell everyone.

Did anyone know about the twins?  Everyone should’ve known that he was gay if they knew that he had twins via a surrogate.  Wouldn’t that be a flag?  Going the Michael Jackson route?  Why not just have babies with his girlfriend right?  Well, hey, now that it’s out there…PUT OUT SOME MUSIC RICK!  No one cares about the gay thing!   Just please make something we can dance to.

Read his note to the public here.

2 thoughts on “Ricky Martin Is Living La Vida Loca?”

  1. If people weren’t so narrow minded he wouldn’t have had to hide his sexuality. He came out when he was ready…It doesn’t matter what his sexuality is. Its his own business. Just like Tiger Woods, Sandra Bullock and everyone the media is buzzing about……These are all personal, private matters. Because your job puts you in the publics eye doesn’t mean everything you do in your private life should be included…..

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