Post Office Says No to Saturday Deliveries

The Post Office is fast becoming a thing of the past with e-mails and blackberrys taking over.  Well, that’s good news for the trees, with more and more of the paper being layed to rest.  The mail routine is buckling under the pressure of a fickled society, but now some things aren’t goin to fly anymore.  It appears that the postmaster is getting ready to put his foot down about all the money going out and none coming in.

According to the report in the Los Angeles Times, the proposal being made by the Postmaster, would “save $5.1 billion annually by 2020, would eliminate the equivalent of 49,000 full- and part-time jobs.”  The economy can’t take another lay off though.  We can take the cut in delivery, but not another lost job. 

The real numbers, according to the report, shows the post office sinking in a $238 billion deficit over the next decade.  The dire situation caused the Postal Service board of governors to approve the measured the cuts last week and ordered Potter to submit the proposal to the Postal Regulatory Commission on Tuesday.

Read here to see if you will stil be able to get your check on Saturday.

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