Michigan Militia Plans Anarchy and Police Ambush

These inbred militia men (and one woman) of southwest Michigan have come out of their cave on “maneuvers” only to get caught by ATF and sent straight to jail.  The nine of them were surely going to overthrow the U.S. with all of that one brain between them.  It’s so funny to think that if there was a well known black militia anywhere NEAR Detroit, they woulda shut that camp down before they could buy one bullet.  The way black men are pulled over for DWB (driving while black), you would swear we had a base camp SOMEWHERE!

These wack jobs in this Michigan militia are, get this, warriors for Christ.  Their brother and sister for parents told them that if they killed some people at a police officer’s funeral that would trip the switch and have them in an all out war with the government.  Ok, now on what distant star must you reside for all of this to make sense?  

These are the same folks that Timothy McVeigh was affiliated with.  He killed 168 innocent people in his Oklahoma bombing in 1995, and caused nearly a billion dollars worth of damage.  They allowed him to die with honor in prison and never spoke of him again.  The U.S. goverment kept a low profile on that one.  Just in case anyone might wanna know who the true threa t to America is.

Read here for more details on the case of dumb, dummb, dummb, dummmmb, d…you get the gist!

3 thoughts on “Michigan Militia Plans Anarchy and Police Ambush”

  1. Strongly disagree with your statements about black malitias being taken down faster… Have you been paying attention to the “new black panthers” tweeting about killing white people and raiding “whiteys” neighborhoods? No wtf interference there. If they were the kkk saying that kinda garbage, u bet they’d be arrested tried and in prison already for “hate speach”

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