Homeless Shelters Cost More than Apartments?


Now that the President has passed a health care bill, he may be coming up with a new plan for the homeless soon that will get them off the streets.  As he looks over the reports coming across his desk for the costs of homeless shelters throughout America, disturbingly enough, in states examined by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)the cost to keep a family in a shelter is more expensive than if they get the family in an apartment.  A study of 9,000 families  found that costs varied depending on what type of housing needed. 

For instance, in Washington, D.C., emergency shelter for families was the most costly. In the President’s backyard, Washington, D.C, the average bill for a month of emergency shelter ranged from $2,500 to $3,700. In Houston, the average is $1,391.

Interesting information right?  How many people without homes would not opt to get in an apartment and off the street?  Well, it appears that President Obama is looking at ways to get people off the street by comparing the bills he’s paying to assist them in shelters. In 2008 alone, 1.6 million were in shelters.  Imagine if this work had been done earlier.  Maybe someone would own a home by now.  Damn Bush!

Read more here as we pray on the homeless getting a better option.

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