Bush Wipes Hand on Clinton After Touching Haitians? (Video)

George “damn damn damn” Bush just cannot get it right.  He is so crazy that even after he leaves the White House he can’t stop making a fool of himself.  It appears that on his own time, he’s even more ridiculous.  But, to be fair, we’ll let you be the judge.  The video is right here for you to see.

During relief efforts in Haiti where they shook the people’s hands and offered some sense of hope, he turns to Clinton and what looks like a tap to say, “Okay man, we’ve done what we’re going to do here, let’s go!” Turns into a swipe all the way down Clinton’s arm.

If he has to speak on it, he’ll probably say, “It was just a joke man!  Someone’s hand was a little too sweaty or something, so I gave Clinton the ‘dirt’ touch.  Get it?  Like the poot touch?  Awww, forget you if you can’t take a joke.”  He just seems to be this kind of dummy to me.  Check him out.  You just gotta shake your head every time you see him:

6 thoughts on “Bush Wipes Hand on Clinton After Touching Haitians? (Video)”

  1. Yeah it’s pretty obvious what he’s doing. I saw something about this earlier this week but didn’t think it was for real. However, Bush is such an ignorant man, I don’t know why I doubted it. Shame on him.

  2. * Yeah. That’s the video I’ve been looking for! Good Ol’ eurthisnthat.com and George “damn damn damn” Bush. Ha, ha, ha!!! Keep it comin’!

  3. he’s an idiot – always has been and probably will always be an idiot!

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