Washington Wizard Doesn’t Feel Like Playing?

Andray Blatche

The Washington Wizards have had a less than stellar season…well less than stellar last few seasons.  But, one shining star for the team has been Andray Blatche.  The 24-year old starting forward, according to Yahoo! Sports, has been averaging 12 points per game and nearly 30 minutes on the floor.  But for some strange reason, Tuesday night he got tired and slowed his game to a halt.

Wizards Coach Flip Saunders ended up having to bench Blatche after only 7 minutes 31 seconds in the game. Saunders said he had to snatch Blatche to the side because he didn’t want to listen to him or his staff.  He got to the point where Saunders claims Blatche said he “just didn’t want to play.”

This is a recession!  Do you know how many 24-year old talented ballers are working at McDonald’s, never went to college and can outplay a lot of NBA players?  Get it together Blatche!  But in Blatche’s defense, he says he never said he didn’t want to play.  He said, “I wouldn’t have sat with a heat pack waiting to go back in. I would’ve unlaced my damn shoes and sat there.”

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