Unemployment Lines Fill with the Educated


The face of unemployment is nothing like it was at one time in this country.  There used to be a time when all the college graduates were assured the jobs that made the money.  But in a recession of this magnitude, employers are looking to get as many discount employees as possible.  The GED is becoming the winner in employment circles while those with college degrees and/or experience are left out in the cold.  And why do you think that is?

The recession has everyone cutting corners and looking for a way to keep the bottom line in the black.  What better way than to hire people, train them, and keep the money and benefits in your pocket?  Why do you think the republicans are fighting so hard against President Obama on his healthcare bill.  They don’t want to HAVE to pay the money that is needed for their employees to have good health insurance.  Greed is at the core of the debate, but no one wants to mention that elephant in the room.  

If you want to pay your employees the minimum or below grade, all you have to do is make sure they don’t have the credentials that gets them in the higher pay scale.  I guess we should’ve seen this coming.  So once everyone else wises up to the master plan, what will have to happen to keep our children motivated to go on to college or gain the expertise needed to feed their own children one day?

Check out CNN’s expose that puts a face with my words.

-J.C. Brooks

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  1. Once again I have enjoyed your most recent blog post. Thank you for posting it for us. It is always a pleasure and I intend on returning for each of the new ones.

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