5 Senior Citizens Convicted for Kidnapping

Whoever heard of a bunch of senior citizens kidnapping someone and holding them for ransom?   Well, that’s how the Germans get down!   They had some serious vigilante tactics in mind for their financial advisor.  That’s right, this crew are wealthy retirees that weren’t getting what they thought they should be getting from their investment and all of a sudden it was time for The Big Payback!

The apple dumpling gang held the American financial advisor for four days, ass out in a cellar of one of their lake houses beating him and demanding ransom in the amount of $1.4 million.  They range in age from 61-80 and the ring leader is 74.  He was sentenced to six years for his ingenious plot.  According to AOL News, the apple dumpling gang was charged with kidnapping and aggravated assault and received 18-21 month sentences.

They threw together a Mission Impossible type of plot with code phrase: “Willy, go and get the green file out of the car.”   Read here for more on the Escapades of the Rockin’ Chair Gang.

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