Danny Glover Steps In Hugo Boss to Save Jobs

Danny Glover

The recession is making its rounds in Brooklyn, Ohio.  A Hugo Boss plant there is preparing to close and Danny Glover stepped in to help workers who are looking at losing their jobs.  The Hugo Boss plant has 375 workers who are preparing for the layoff.  But, ironically enough, Danny might have been part of the reason why they are closing the plant in the first place.

At the Academy Awards, Danny Glover had staged a small protest against Hugo Boss because the German company decided to close the American plant.  He asked that everyone stand with the union  and boycott the suit manufacturer because they were going to close the plant and nearly 400 people would lose their jobs.  He sent out a letter February 26, asking Hollywood to “take a small stand for American workers.” He even had pins for everyone to wear at the ceremony that read “Keep the Hugo Boss Plant Open.”

The actor didn’t make any progress though.  The plant is still going to close.  Check out the story here.

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