31-Year Old Murder Mystery of 5 Teenagers Finally Solved

We are and the families of victims, Melvin Pittman and Ernest Taylor, both 17, and three 16-year-olds,  Alvin Turner, Randy Johnson and Michael McDowell who were last seen packing a pick-up truck in Newark, Nj.  They had been forced into an abandoned house, bound and left to die as the assailants burned the house to the ground.  Their murders were never solved….until now.

Murderers Lee Anthony Evans and Philander Hampton

A tip led to the arrests of Lee Anthony Evans, 56, and Philander Hampton 53.  These two diabolical wastes of life kept this secret for over 30 years.  Now the parents can have closure, but the wounds are reopened.  Their sons’ disappearance has haunted them for many years.  Floria McDowell, the mother of Alvin Turner, said “They need to hang him by his neck and I don’t believe in them hangin’ anybody, but he need to be dealt with.”

The men allegedly were upset because they believed the boys had broke into one of the men’s homes and stole marijuana.  One of the men, Maurice Woody-Olds, 48, died two years ago.   There where far too many souls that were senselessly taken for them not to come back from their graves and see justice be done.  Read the story here and view the interview with one of the mothers:

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