President Obama Makes History with New Healthcare Reform Bill

President Obama was walking a very thin line trying to convince the Republicans and the rest of his opponents that the  health care reform bill would be what the American family both want and need.  And while it may have passed, there were a few dissenters in the Democratic ranks.  Democrats stood firmly together and passed it by the skin of their teeth with a vote of yays vs. nays 224-206, respectively.  And yes, history has been made. 

A lot of folks went against President Obama in an effort, it seems, to call him to task in his short time in office.  In one year, the people were looking for a miracle to fall from his hands and magically turn around everything that the Bushes and Reagan had done in their 30 years of two wars,  drug cartel supporting, educating and training Bin Laden, completely ignoring the planet’s meltdown, and just overall piss poor management.  And unbelievably, he has managed to get a bill, that not even Clinton could get through in his tenure, to overhaul and truly help America’s poor with little or no healthcare.

The Democrats had absolutely no help whatsoever from the Republicans.  All 224 of those votes came from Democrats.  Talk about  your parties sticking together.  View the votes here and see how your congressman voted.  You might wanna get your phone ready in case you don’t like what you see.  Also, check out the five myths about the bill here.  They’ll give much added information that we all need to navigate the new health care system of America.  Congratulations President Obama!

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  1. I normally bounce all over the ‘net because I have the tendancy to read often (which isn’t always a good thing because most sites just copy from each other) but I want to say that yours contains some great substance! Thanks for stopping the trend of just being another copycat site! 😉

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