Man Chooses Neighbors with Racist Rant on Garage Door

The Chicago neighborhood of Beverly (not to be mistaken for Beverly Hills) was recently the victim of a racist defacing of property.  But no, wait a minute!  You can’t call them a victim  when they’re the culprits behind the antics on their property.  According to  AOL’s Housing Watch, the man, Michael Corrigan, 62, had the whole neighborhood up in arms when they saw his garage covered with: “SAY NO TO THE GHETTO,” “WHITE POWER,” and “MT GREENWOOD THE NEXT ENGLEWOOD,” which were positioned right next to signs reading “God Bless America” and “White Power World Wide” on his garage.  Not to mention the small noose that accompanied everything else as his icing on the cake.

Surely the neighbors and passersby were confused.   On first glance, they probably thought Coorigan was victimized.  But maybe the neatness and placement of “God Bless America” tipped them off to the fact that maybe we have a racist wack job on our hands.  The Beverly community according to the AOL report is mostly diverse.  But there’s a house for sale directly across the street for $237,000, and the realtor for the house would not comment on the situation.  That can’t be good for sales right?

The neighborhood hasn’t experienced any racial disharmony in recent years.  But Coorigan is vocal about wanting to choose his own neighbors.  According to the 2000 U.S. Census, Beverly is 32.3 percent black, up from 24.2 percent in 1990. Oh and we would be remiss if we forgot to mention the one in 1960, only 0.1 percent of Beverly was “Negro.”

Read here to see what the new “negro” is going to do about Coorigan and the neighborhood.

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