Woman Wants to Be the Fattest…on Earth (Video)

Donna Simpson with her children.

Donna Simpson, 42, is setting out to eat her way into global status…literally.  She seeks a planet-like shape on her quest to be the fattest woman in the world.  How and why Simpson would choose to deliberately balloon past 600 pounds is not known.  But she is obviously proud of herself as she models her girth in the picture with her children.  The New York Post reported that she eats 12,000 calories per day and eats $750 per week.

Have her children expressed their concern over her size?  She has to be suffering from hypertension as well as diabetes on her way to setting such a ridiculous world record.  But maybe she’s good at losing weight.  Maybe she’s just going to prove that she can be the fattest woman in the world, then slim down to the skinniest woman in the world.  Wouldn’t that be something?!

Her boyfriend, Phillipe, 49, who weighs 150 pounds is a real life Jack Sprat who encourages her to gain more weight.  Read here to find out how she makes money for her food budget.  Maybe she wants to be a sideshow attraction.  Check out the discussion on The View:

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