Teen Pushed In Front Of City Truck Dies (Video)

A teenager in St. Paul, Minn., was killed by a city truck Tuesday and everyone wants to know why.  Isaiah Vinson, 17, was a well loved young man who the community and family are still in shock over hearing about his untimely death.  The police only have some visual acconts from witnesses, but no explanation was forthcoming from those that were with him.

So far, the police have only gathered that allegedly, Vinson and several others were standing at an interception waiting for the traffic light to change.  Police say witnesses saw them playing around pushing and shoving, sparring with one another till Vinson was pushed into traffic accidentally. 

His family are in complete shock and Central High School has grief counselors ready and willing to talk with his friends.  But it seems that everyone would be a little relieved with closure…something that those who were standing with him on that corner will not offere a clue.  Read more here.

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