Superhead and Darius McCrary Finally End It

Darius McCrary and Karrine Steffans

The back and forth is finally over…maybe.  Darius McCrary and Karrine Steffans finally end their on again off again with a divorce.  The couple were married last year and they almost made it a whole year.  But, it was almost inevitable with all of the past disputes between them.  He’s saying she’s stalking him, she’s saying he’s beating her, he files a restraining order against her, she’s in the news talking about him…then they got married??  Not a great recipe for a lasting relationship.

McCrary is obviously so done with the relationship that he sent flowers with the divorce papers.  Is that a message of, “I”m so damn glad to be rid of your ass!” or “Baby, we can’t make it together, but can we be friends?”  Which one does their relationship sound like to you?  The National Enquirer said that McCrary put the papers through to dissolve their union on February 10, 2010.  They were married on April 20, 2009.

Is Hollywood a place where you  just try people on?  It seems that there really isn’t that many good relationships there unless you don’t get married.  You can say what you want about Brangelina, but they’re stillllllllllllllllllllllllllll together.   Read more on the McCrary/Steffans split here.

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