Marital Counseling Ends in Homicide

What is it that your spouse could say to you in counseling that would make you bus’ a cap in their ass?  If you’re in counseling, the idea is that you’ve come to sort out some problems that you’ve been having.  But, pastors fail to instruct the couple they’re counseling properly and tell them they should show up weapon free with no judgement in their heart and plenty of forgiveness on tap.  Well, none of those suggestions were made to a Washington state man who showed up to church for counseling with his wife.

According to, Federal Way police spokesman Raymond Bunk said that police aren’t certain whether the shooting took place before or after the counseling session, but we’d like to give the man the benefit of the doubt and say that he at least had a motive.  Now if he suspected her of sleeping with his brother or the next door neighbor and she admitted it in counseling, we can wrap our head around it.  But, if there is any chance that he was just pissed that he agreed to counseling, but didn’t want to be there, then Houston…we have a problem!  No jury is going for that one.

Whether we want to believe it or not, we like it when a crime makes sense.  We may not agree with the crime and genuinely hate the perpetrator, but damn…at the very least, can it make sense please!  The details of the case are vague.  Check it out here.

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