LeBron James Nears 15,000 Points


LeBron James is experiencing a phenomenal ride in the NBA.  He’s coming up on a new contract and Cleveland fears he will leave them behind.  But, so far, he’s enjoying the fruits of his labor in Cleveland and with his new “co-worker” Shaq, he’s only 3 points from reaching 15,000 points.  That’s a lot of pointage right?  He’s been in the NBA for a mere seven years, but he’s a seasoned veteran in that short of time with nearly every award that can be given to an NBA player.

LeBron is ranked with Oscar Robertson and Michael Jordan for a player with the most points and assists per game.   Yesterday, he made team history again by helping the Cavs clinch the Central Division Championship (the third in team history) with 32 points, nine rebounds and nine assists and beating Indiana 99-94 on Wednesday night.

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