Fox Is Shrinking Under Glenn Beck?

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck has been enjoying great success with his show on Fox that gives him a chance to spout his racist, conservative views.  But now, his “colleagues” are starting to express their “concern” and reveal more about Beck from behind the scenes.  He has had a rapper’s entourage of “handlers” and lives like a sideshow rather than an employee of Fox.

Fox employees are starting to complain anonymously that the network is making a huge mistake by giving Beck such a platform.  He is becoming the “face” of Fox and that’s what the others are complaining about mainly.  If he makes this rise and then says something beyond apology, the network will surely fail.   This is a set of circumstances that are hard to imagine would actually happen.  He’s already had so much to say.

Read here for further details on how Beck is living like Jay-Z behind the scenes of the show.

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