Medical Marijuana Distributors Being Shot and Robbed for Drug

The medical marijuana industry is attracting the same violence and confusion that any “pusher” on the street might experience.  The recent break-ins and shootings over marijuana in Washington state have started a cycle that appears to be unrelenting and commonplace.  The latest robbery, according to the New York Times, occurred between Steve Sarich and someone trying to break into his home and steal his stash.

Sarich is an activist and marijuana grower.  Recently, he was shot and wounded by an intruder that he critically injured in a robbery attempt.  But ironically enough, just days before the incident in his home, he had written a letter to his State Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles, about the dangers the growers and/or distributors face and the treatment they receive from the police.

While the distribution of the drug is legal if you’re a medical recipient of it, it is still treated as an underground industry because the rest of the country is not able to take a toke without being hustled to the ground.  In Sarich’s case, he complains about police treatment and a lack of protection for them as legal distributors.

Marijuana is only being sold legally in some places because it is being distributed everywhere.  I mean, even presidents have not inhaled or have at least been in the same room and tempted by it.  If you’re going to legalize alcohol, which is equally responsible for deaths due to irresponsible use, you may as well let everyone pick up a bag of weed at the corner store.   If anyone would be dying at an alarming rate, it would be from an excess of junk food and laughter.

Read the full story on the controversy over the well-being of our legal distributors here.

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