Americans Now Ordering Super Sized Furniture

The super-size meals we are ordering at McDonald’s may be a large part of the reason behind the furniture industry’s choice to review the size of the merchandise they’re making.  The chairs that we used to refer to as the “Big Man” is about to become the norm.  The airlines began the conversation with some carriers choosing to charge overweight travelers a double fare for double the seat.  

Now the furniture industry is looking to accommodate the “growing” population in America.  The obesity results are in and the clothes will probably be the last to give in.  The drape like plus-size clothes with abhorrent colors aren’t cutting it.  According to the report in AOL’s Daily Finance, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) printed that 68% of America is overweight and 34% qualify as obese.  The report suggests that the furniture industry has been ignoring the needs of America.

But now the furniture will begin to grow with the public it serves.  According to the report, most U.S. armchairs measure between 20 and 26 inches in width.  They’ve also noticed that other furniture like “dining room tables, beds and other standard furniture pieces are often too short, too narrow or too flimsy for plus-size users.” 

So whether you’re a bit overweight or underweight, it’s a win win situation.  The skinny will sink in the new chairs and be enveloped in comfort while the overweight will be comfortable as well.  No real reason for anyone to be upset with that.  Maybe now there will be bigger stadium and arena seats as well…sheesh!

Read the full report here.

-J.C. Brooks

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