NY Jets Picks Up Baby Daddy Drama

Antonio Cromartie, Video model Terricka Cason and her daughter Jordan,4

The NY Jets is now in the business of handing out child support bonuses to bring in new players.  Their newest cornerback, Antonio Cromartie, signed with the team recently and received a $500,000 advance just to get the baby mamas off his ass.  Cromartie comes to the team a fast, strong, young 25-year old fresh out of Tallahassee, Fl., with seven children on his hip. But, the seven have to wait for daddy to come to town on the same trail he made them on.

Cromartie has seven children by six different women in five different cities.  It’s a little difficult to get the child support checks straight when you have to contend with those kind of demographics.  So, according to the NFL’s Fanhouse, it appears they’ve worked out a deal where he gets the money to the babies and they get the drama that comes with him.  Fanhouse said, “They not only got a cornerback, they got all the baggage that comes with being one tryst short of an Octo-dad.”

The real concern is that Fanhouse suggests that he won’t be responsible on the field because he has been so relentlessly irresponsible in his personal life.  They also compared him to Tiger Woods saying, “Unable to sign Tiger Woods, the Jets traded a third-round pick to San Diego for Cromartie.”  How undependable does being a baby making factory really make him in the scheme of football?  The Jets don’t have anything to worry about unless he’s allowed to take a break at half time.

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  1. His off the field activities don’t have any effect on his on the field ability but WTH dude? Put a bag on it!

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