Kansas City Closes Its Schools

The recession has not been confined to groceries and mortgages anymore.  The cities are now seeing their budgets affected and cuts have to be made everywhere.  Kansas City just decided to make their cuts in education.  They will close nearly half of their schools.  According to the AP, they will be closing 29 of their 61 schools.  Which also means teachers out of work.  Nearly 300 of the 700 jobs that will be lost are teachers.  Buildings will be closed and the bottom line is children will go uneducated.

Part of the excuse cities are using to make these changes is the declining enrollment rate of students.  Parents have opted to put their children in charter schools, private schools and other schools that are independent of the state budget.  In addition to Kansas City’s school closings, there are several schools that are under perfoming.  The teachers at those schools will have to reapply for their jobs.

Right now,  it appears the war on education rages on from kindergarten through college.  Academic budget cuts started a near riot in California earlier this month.  The education of our children should be paramount to anything else in a global economy.  The  outcome will not be good if our children cannot compete on a global scale. 

Read here for more excuses on education cuts.

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