Bridezilla Busts Up Bridal Shop (Video)

The bridezilla show on WEtv is good at showing off the bride in her less than glamorous moments and entertaining us with them.  But, for some strange reason, it feels like WE doesn’t show allllllllll of the details.  Well, a bridal shop right outside Detroit caught a real live bridezilla in action on store video.  According to Fox Detroit, the bride was refused alterations to her dress that she had purchased at “First Lady Bridal and Prom” because she became beligerent with the store owner after an argument over a bill.  The store owner,  Hekmut Putruss, said that in 25 years of business they had never seen anything like this.

“Apparently, these people do not know… how to handle things in the United (States),” said Hekmat Putruss. “They thought they were somewhere in Fallujah or in the… Iraq mountains and so on.”  The bride went Iraqi ghetto on Putruss by going outside and getting three men that appear to be her family members to come in and “persuade” the owner to provide alterations to her dress.  But Putruss had already asked her to take her business elsewhere because she was….well….ignant!  A brawl broke out when they were asked to leave and the rest is history. Check them out. The bride is wearing the pink shirt:

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