Wal-mart Gets On Top of Lowes to Do Their Business

Long gone is the blue light specials of K-mart.  It’s as though the place is the ghost of shopping’s past.  Now it’s all about Wal-mart and Target.  Ask your girlfriend guys.  And if you are a true Wal-mart shopper, you might even want to live there.  Yes, I said…”live there!”  Because now Wal-mart is not only giving you the opportunity to go to its expanded housewares and appliance section, otherwise known as Lowes, but they also want to offer you a place to live…Wal-mart style.

It sounds bizarre, but it probably will work.  Baltimore is preparing for a new Wal-mart and Lowes in their 25th street Remington area.  The unusual part of the arrangement (if it doesn’t already sound weird) is that Lowes will house the lower level, mostly underground, and Wal-mart will be perched atop the popular mammoth-sized hardware store. If that isn’t a one-stop shop, what is?  You can buy a door and pick up some diapers all in one fell swoop.  Then, take it across the parking lot to your apartment…owned by Wal-mart.

So far, they haven’t gotten very far with the apartment part of the plan, but as you can imagine, their are mixed feelings about that idea.  Check out the reaction to the idea from Baltimore residents here.

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