University Fires Adjunct Faculty After ‘N’ Word Example

Allen Zaruba (courtesy of Facebook)

A college in suburban Baltimore, Towson University, has fired one of their adjunct faculty members for taking his teaching a little bit too seriously.  Professor Allen Zaruba thought he’d use a metaphor including the “N” word that would drive home his point about “Themes of Contemporary Art,” a textbook he called “very politically incorrect.”  How he could achieve that by referring to himself as “a nigger on the corporate plantation”, wellllllllllllll, everyone’s a little confused.

But Towson wasn’t in the least bit confused when a student reported the incident to them.  They immediately got on the horn, avoided damage control altogether, and fired the man.  According to Towson’s independent newspaper, The Towerlight, sophomore Maria Bernier is an art major and she was in the class at the time of the incident. She told the paper that this was not out of the ordinary for Zaruba and that he had used it before.  But, obviously, the student that reported him was either a first timer in his class or was fed up with the repeated use of the word.

Is there anyplace in the world for the “N” word to be used anymore?  In my opinion, the topic, should die a short death.  It’s obvious this man was taken down over an issue of “image control” by the university.  Towson’s a predominantly white school, so it’s understandable why most of the students didn’t have a problem with the use of the word.  But, anyone should be able to see how the use of the word whether it was used directly or indirectly could make any student uncomfortable, but especially African American students.

Zaruba has taught for Towson for 12 years.  And even with his work history with the university, they didn’t waste any time making sure he was terminated.  The process of elimination for adjunct may be different than that with regular faculty because they are sorta like temps.  They only work at the “pleasure of the President.”  He just wants his day in court from the university.  He believes they owe him that much.  He tried to plead his case through the paper saying, “I am not a racist. I never have been. I’ve been raised overseas and in other cultures. It just absolutely kills me,” he said, later adding that he serves in the prison ministry, teaches Sunday school and that his stepfather was a black man and he “loved him dearly.”

Check out the responses the article received.  The students may stage a protest.  Maybe.

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