Jimmy Kimmel Calls Mo’Nique ‘Chewbacca’ (Video)

Jimmy Kimmel’s show isn’t all THAT popular and now he’s going to call a black woman…no change that!  An Oscar-winning black woman a furry beast on national television.   Mo’Nique, as Jay-Z would say, really isn’t the one to try and score points off of.  She has a platform at the helm of her very own night time talk show on BET too.  So, he might wanna steer clear of her, especially when there could be a comment even mildly translated as racist targeted at her.  She keeps it REAL!  And that’s kinda where all of this controversy begins.

Barbara Walters had her pre-Oscar show the night before the Oscars.  She interviewed Mo’Nique and she couldn’t rest the interview without asking about the hairy legs.  While some in the black community don’t mind sporting hairy legs, there are still those who also wonder why she won’t shave them because of HOW HAIRY they are.  But Jimmy Kimmel takes it one further by calling names.   White comedians and their public are still not getting that there are some things that they cannot joke about when it comes to black folks.  I’m sorry, but it just will never fly; no matter HOW MUCH they wanna push the envelope and have their way.

Check out his little jokey joke.  Good luck with this one Jimmy:

11 thoughts on “Jimmy Kimmel Calls Mo’Nique ‘Chewbacca’ (Video)”

  1. I think it’s funny. I’m a black woman too. If that would have been any white actress that didn’t shave and sat down with Barbara Walters she would have gotten the same jokes. It’s not racist at all.

  2. Sooooo where’s the racist comment? I swear we seriously need to get a grip. Folks mad and calling Jimmy Kimmel out his name because Mo don’t shave, really? I love her to death BUT she hairy. She showed them off at the Golden Globes and it was just nasty….OK – I get she don’t shave, but why show them and Mo could’ve shaved that night. It was a special occasion for Christ sakes….

  3. Pick and choose your battles wisely EUR…

    There was NOTHING racist about that joke. it was funny.. Please STFU and do some REAL reporting.

    Stop instigating…

  4. I’m sorry but Monique is a comedienne(sp) too and she knew it would be on and poppin when she went on with BW with her legs looking like that. nothing racist about it…I’m sure we’ve all thought some version of the same thing when we saw them.

  5. There’s nothing racist about Jimmy’s joke. I love and admire Mo’Nique to death, but hairy legs are not considered attractive in our culture and I’m quite sure she knows it. Mo’ is also know for razor sharp comedy so I’m sure she can see the real intent behind Kimmel’s comment.

  6. Why can’t black people keep their traditions, Back in the day hairy leggs was a beautiful thing on a black woman, especially with stocking on. Shaving leggs was a white woman thing and some narrow minded black women thought they had to do what white women did to be popular. Black women keep your hairy leggs.

  7. Racist! NAAAAAAAH. I don’t like Jimmy Kimmel, but that was not racist. It was a joke, and a funny one at that. I’m sure Monique can take it, and would probably laugh at it, also. We need to pick and choose our battles, folks. Calling out the troops on some bull___ ain’t gon fly. It simply ain’t. I won’t don’t think you’re a funny comedian, Mr. Kimmel (except on The Man Show), but you are NOT wrong in this. I thought this particular joke was funny. I agree with what Ivglam said about if it had been a white comedian, she would have gotten the same joke.

    Let’s calm down, people. LOL

  8. Naw, Jimmy ain’t a racist. However, I think he just opened up a can of worms because this society still deals with racism and comments like his do invoke certain feelings within people. I’m always bothered when people to me to get over something they deem “okay,” but to me it may not be okay to me. Don’t disregard for my feelings because I will cut ya (no lol). Why do people have a problem with Mo’Nique not shaving her legs is way beyond me. It’s a personal choice – they’re her legs and clearly she lives on her own terms for which I love! I don’t think Jimmy’s comments were funny at all, but I also don’t think they were inappropiate either because she is a celebrity, the issue is out and therefore she’s free game. I just hope she rips his azz a new one should she decide to responod. Lil white Jimmy can’t do nothing with Mo’s mouth! I think he’s messing with the right one now.

  9. Mo’nique “a fat hairy excuse for being pig” is one racist bitch…All she ever says is the word BLACK..BLACK THIS AND BLACK THAT..WE NO LONGER LIVE IN THAT TIME WHERE PEOPLE ARE DIFFERENT..Hater..Fuck her..u don’t deserve an oscar based on just one movie..that’s bull..go back to BET and do another crappy show that would probably last one season like all of ur shoWs…
    And that hairy legs clip…DAMNNNNN…i mean her husband has to deal with her being fat but this is fucking 2 much..it’s like fucking bigfoot..

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