Starbucks Gears up for Super Sized Coffee

The Starbucks franchise won’t be happy until they have everyone walking around doped up on the last legal addictive stimulant they push out of their stores.  The newest product they’ll be soon pumping across America is the “Trenta.”  This drink is the response to McDonald’s 32oz. Sweet Tea, (that is really 10ozs. after they fill your cup with ice).  The Trenta is 31 ozs. of Starbucks version of sweet heaven in the  summer.

Starbucks already has a loyal following, but for some reason a high quality ice tea and/or ice coffee from Starbucks in the summer time gives me visions of the Taj Mahal in Jungle Fever.  Hopefully, someone’s family member will go looking for them if they take their laptop and set up camp…indefinitely.

So far the drink is only on sale in Tampa and Phoenix.  They are testing it out to see how it goes in that area before they unleash the beast in a cup!  Read more on the tumbler sized drink here.

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