Baylor Phenom Ejected for Slugging Player During Game (Video)

Brittney Griner

The women’s team at Baylor have not been more successful than when they made the decision to bring on Brittney Griner.  A 6’8″ freshman that hasn’t sold one wolf ticket since being on the team.  According to Yahoo!, Griner has brought the school to a top-15 ranking with a 22-7 record this season.  But, all of that may be overshadowed by a beatdown during her game against Texas Tech.

The freshman didn’t like being aggressively “handled” Wednesday night.  As she ran offense for her team, Texas Tech’s Jordan Barncastle grabbed her and swung her around trying to gain position with a little too much authority.  Griner continued to play “offense” and clocked her opponent right in the nose.  Now all that she has worked for may have been burnt up in that one exchange.  In addition to being ejected from the game by officials, her coach benched her for the next two games.  But, Barncastle may be looking at being out for the rest of the season. 

Do you think that sport offenses like this should be treated with more severe penalties?  Mike Tyson on Holyfield’s ear.  Serena’s outburst to an official.  The fight in the stands between the Pistons and their fans.  John McEnroe and…well…everybody.   Are they having temper tantrums that should be met with more severe discipline than a fine and a sit down?  If you came on your job and slapped a co-worker, what would happen to you?  Check out the showdown here:

Get to know her if you don’t.  We better pray that the Olympics committee doesn’t pay too much attention to her.  They will surely put her through the same rigors as Caster Semenya.  Check her out:

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