Jokey Joke: Black Folks Stop Getting In Everyone’s Face!


The EUR has reported on the latest sightings of black folks (men and women) having their asses kicked on public transportation.  For the world to see!   If an amateur video hadn’t surfaced, the transit authority would’ve submitted it willingly to the media.  This is yet another Ed Lover moment, “C’mon Son!”  What’s going on black people?  Are we selling more wolf tickets than usual?  In the latest bout, a black woman comes up against an asian woman on the back of a bus.  Now, it’s not certain what started the altercation, but it appears to be a battle over a seat.  It looks like the asian woman put her things in the seat and didn’t let the black woman sit with her.

The black woman does all she can to provoke the woman by putting her finger in her face and cussing her out.  But, the asian woman is on the bus with a pack of her homies and she is too busy trying to get them to align with her in the argument.  So far, the black woman has me and the audience of asians riveted.  We are convinced that she’s getting ready to beat the asian woman’s ass if she “touches” her.  That’s what she tells her anyway.

But then we have the report with the white guy, Vietnam Tom, as he’s being called now by his FANS?  He has a whole new following along with a radio show host who’s trying to arrange for the rematch!  Now that fight was awful!  Tom rained them “bows” on Michael aka black man, until he didn’t know what his own name was.  And to add insult to injury (literally), the white guy walked away from the fight and the black guy came after him.  For an ass whoopin’ !

Hold on to your seats and get your popcorn!  This is going to be humiliating…for them!  Check ’em out:

Asian woman vs. Black woman

Michael vs. Vietnam Tom

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