Man Dies Waiting 30 Hours for Ambulance (Video)


The victim, Curtis Mitchell's, aunt Mary Bey and his longtime girlfriend, Sharon Edge, are interviewed by CBS.

It appears that 911 is still a joke.  The East Coast was pummelled by snow in February and some people are just starting to burrow out since February 5 when it all began to come down.  Pittsburgh just finished getting snow on Friday and they recorded a whopping 42.8 inches of snow for the month of  February alone.  That was part of the problem when Sharon Edge called for an ambulance to help her boyfriend, Curtis Mitchell.

When the snow began to fall by the bucket into the streets of Pittsburgh February 6, the two made 10 calls in 30 hours for assistance.  Edge, 51, said her boyfriend was complaining of abdominal pain.  She knew of his background with pancreatic problems and just gave him oxycodone until they thought an ambulance would arrive…but to no avail.

The city’s public safety director, Michael Huss, admitted to the shortcomings on behalf of the city.  He’s clearly on the victim’s family’s side in this controversy.  He made one comment to AP saying, “”… You get out of that damn truck and you walk to the residence,” Huss said. “That’s what needed to happen. We could have carried him out.”

Basically, it doesn’t matter if the snow was in the way, there is certain protocol and common sense that should’ve been carried out after they reached an impasse in his neighborhood.  But instead of them walking to him, Edge and Mitchell were told they would have to walk to them.  Should she sue?  What do you think?

Check out the interview with Sharon Edge and the victim’s aunt, Mary Bey, on the CBS early morning show.

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