Dishin’ Dirt on L.A. Reid, Snoop, Jourdan Dunn and more…

What’s up y’all?  Here is the dirt…

There are three people I don’t play with and they are the Father, the Son and the IRS!  According to my sources,  Snoop Dogg owes the IRS dayum near $600K! On January 19th, the IRS reportedly filed a lien against Snoop and his wife, Shante Broadus for $598,309.  Now we ain’t heard nuffin’ from Snoop or Tay, but you best believe they are looking around the house for stuff to pawn to pay that darn tax bill.  Snoop may talk a good game but y’all know his “good hur” havin’, pig tail rockin’, petite azz ain’t tryin’ to go to nobody’s jail.  Nuff said…

Many are asking what kind of DIRT the rapper Shyne has on Def Jam’s L.A. Reid for Reid to be giving him $6 MILLION to complete an album…in BELIZE!  Personally, I believe that L.A. is making a HUGE mistake by giving Shyne that much money but we are talking about the same dude that gave Whitney $20 Million when she was smokin’ that stuff.  AN-T-WAY, it makes me wonder if dude has a picture of L.A. in a tutu with a banana up his azz ‘cause $6 Mil is a whole lotta doe for a joker that has only had ONE NOTE WORTHY album in a 10 year span.  I’m just sayin’…check out the video below…

Speaking of foolishness, is anybody other than me SICK of Tavis Smiley and his personal vendetta against President Barack Obama?  This dude is going after the President like a scorned lover.  Tavis if you are out there, PU-LEASE know that I’m not calling you a BYTCH but that I am saying that you appear to have some real BYTCH tendencies.  For the record, all of that bytching and moaning is SOOOO unattractive.  For those of y’all that ain’t hear the drama go down on the TJMS last week, check it out here.  Nuff said…

Side Bar-Has anybody ever seen Tavis with a chick?  Better yet, has it ever been rumored that Tavis had a girlfriend?  I’m just sayin’, dude needs to find something else to do with his time other than STALK our President when we are in the midst of trying to get a health care bill passed!

Super model Jourdan Dunn dubbed the next Naomi Campbell, is a real life Winter Santiago.  Word on the street is that Jourdan’s boyfriend/ baby daddy was sentenced to 3 ½ years in prison last week after being caught with 20 oz of cocaine…with intent to supply.  This news comes just two months after Jourdan gave birth to their baby.

Side Bar-Ummmm…y’all don’t be comparing this hood chick to Naomi Campbell.  Y’all know Nay-Nay only messes with REAL ballers.  Ain’t nan one of her BILLIONAIRE boyfriends gonna ever get caught with 20 oz of nuffin’.  They got “people” to handle that foolishness.  Nuff said…

Missing actor, Andrew Koenig, was found dead in Vancouver.  Koenig, best known for his role as “Boner” on the popular 80’s sitcom “Growing Pains”, hung himself from a tree in Vancouver Park after a long bout with depression.  Koenig had been missing since February 14.  Keep his family in your prayers.

Prayers out to Marie Osmond and the entire Osmond family as I got news Friday night that her son Michael Blosil committed suicide by jumping from his eighth floor apartment.  Through her publicist, Marie issued the below statement on Saturday morning.

“My family and I are devastated and in deep shock by the tragic loss of our dear Michael and ask that everyone respect our privacy during this difficult time.”

Please keep both families in your prayers.

That’s all the dirt for now.  Holla back at your girl…



2 thoughts on “Dishin’ Dirt on L.A. Reid, Snoop, Jourdan Dunn and more…”

  1. Snoop and his wife oughtta be ashamed of themselves. Them and other high-earning rappers, actors, etc know damn well NOT paying taxes is against the law. Most likely they ASSUMED the the IRS wasn’t gonna catch up with them. I’m quite sure they’ve got enough money stashed somewhere that’ll cover this bill.

    LA Reid GAVE Whitney 20 million? Dollars? She probably spent that much on weed, heroin, and coke. Especially since she was financially supporting her, Bobby’s, her brother’s, and everybody else’s drug habits. And we all know that drug addicts GOTTA HAVE IT! If he gave her 20 million while she was smoking crack, I wonder if he’ll GIVE 200,000! Today!

    Sending prayers out to the family and friends of Andrew Koenig and Michael Blosil. I’m very sorry to hear that they were in so much pain.

    Tavis Smiley really makes me sick. I’ve tried watching his talk show, but its so boring. He has no studio audience and most of his conversations/topics put me to sleep, even if the guests are popular and well-spoken. I’ve been reading about him and that Cornel West are attacking Obama. Just like other ignorant blacks: They voted for a black man thinking that he would solve all of black people’s problems. And since that hasn’t happened, they are now criticizing Obama’s every move. Yeah, I believe he needs a woman also. The again, maybe Tavis isn’t heterosexual. You see how long it took Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper to crawl out of the closet.

    No matter which walks of life certain blacks travel (rich, well-off, or poor), they have this loving, passionate love affair with cocaine. They are obsessed with and addicted to this drug in every form. Damn idiots.

    Oh yeah, and about LA Reid GIVING Shyne 6 million. I’m gonna commit a crime, go to jail/prison then call LA collect and ask for A COOL MILLION. Wonder how that’ll turn out.

    One more thing: Is the reason why these models is skinny is b/c they’re sniffing/smoking the coke their bf’s sell?

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