Times Square is Still ‘Heavy’ with Homeless


Everyone knows that, for tourists, Times Square is like visiting Mecca.  You get to really taste, feel, smell, and listen to the heartbeat of the city from there.  The hustle and bustle of the people and the remnants of social spirit that remain in that place from the world’s pilgrammage on New Year’s Eve keeps it magical.  The whole world stops to watch the Earth renew itself annually when one single luminescent ball descends from its perch atop the Times Square building and into your heart. 

But by the end of the year, all of the joy and goodwill has been used up and its time to replenish.  There has been one watchmen over this entire exchange for decades…Heavy.  Heavy is all that he has revealed to anyone for a  name.  He is a homeless man that has Continue reading

Young Man Jumps Off Empire State Building

The Empire State building is somewhat of a magnet for those who want to make a dramatic end to their life.  The latest victim the building has drawn is a 21-year old man.  There isn’t much known about him at all.  He jumped during a very business time though.  It happened during rush hour when tourists and New Yorkers alike were out in abundance. Continue reading

Michigan Militia Plans Anarchy and Police Ambush

These inbred militia men (and one woman) of southwest Michigan have come out of their cave on “maneuvers” only to get caught by ATF and sent straight to jail.  The nine of them were surely going to overthrow the U.S. with all of that one brain between them.  It’s so funny to think that if there was a well known black militia anywhere NEAR Detroit, they woulda shut that camp down before they could buy one bullet.  The way black men are pulled over for DWB (driving while black), you would swear we had a base camp SOMEWHERE!

These wack jobs in this Michigan militia are, get this, warriors for Christ.   Continue reading

Ricky Martin Is Living La Vida Loca?

Ricky Martin

People used to say that Ricky was a bit more gay in his dance steps than he should be.  And that’s “gay” as in jovial!  That the spring in his step was just a little bit more than the average rhythmic latin dancer.  But, we didn’t believe them because he didn’t want us to.  He never really rebuked the rumors, just kinda dismissed them.

Well, he is finally free and clear!  He came out to the press saying that he is a “fortunate homosexual man.”  He wrote a note on his website explaining the life he chose to live up until now and why it Continue reading

Post Office Says No to Saturday Deliveries

The Post Office is fast becoming a thing of the past with e-mails and blackberrys taking over.  Well, that’s good news for the trees, with more and more of the paper being layed to rest.  The mail routine is buckling under the pressure of a fickled society, but now some things aren’t goin to fly anymore.  It appears that the postmaster is getting ready to put his foot down about all the money going out and none coming in.

According to the report in the Los Angeles Times, the proposal being made by the Postmaster, would “save $5.1 billion annually by 2020, would eliminate the equivalent of 49,000 full- and part-time jobs.” Continue reading

New Orleans Is Still Alive with HBO’s New ‘Treme’

The Hurricane Katrina victims of New Orleans were forced to become immigrants within their own country.  People all over the world, but more importantly the U.S., have nearly forgotten about our brothers and sisters and their dispersement throughout the nation.  Once again, broken away from families and made to begin again with entirely different cultures with little to no resources available to them.

But some did not take that route.  They stayed.  They stayed behind for better or worse and a new culture was stimulated in old surroundings.  The defenders of the city tried to preserve their houses, their music, their culture…the way.  The way that only N’awlins natives can.  And now, HBO had the great idea to illuminate the darkened places left to decay and fester in the great, not late, New Orleans. Continue reading

Radio One Queen Sets Record Straight on Finances

Cathy Hughes, founder of Radio One

Cathy Hughes has been a part of the heartbeat of black radio for a long time.  She’s come a long way from one small radio station in Washington, D.C. at Howard University to her empire of now more than 50 radio stations throughout the U.S.  One of the most popular shows airing on her stations is Tom Joyner’s Morning show which reaches approximately 20 million per week.

She has been a lone crusader lately on the new legislation that John Conyers, (D-Mi.), has supported called the “Performance Rights Act.”  She is livid that she has to pay more to the record companies because of this bill that she knows the performers are not getting paid from.  Continue reading

Countrywide Manhunt for Child Molester Ends

Billboards used to find child molester Johnnie Griffin, 67.

A 67-year old animal by the name of Johnnie Griffin was caught and arrested after authorities in Saginaw, Mi., started a countrywide manhunt for the man suspected of molesting a 10-year old and another child.  The 10-year old’s grandmother, 45-year old Angela Blackwell, prostituted the child for drugs.  Fortunately, she’s been placed behind bars along with Griffin. Continue reading