Rhode Island Fires All Teachers at Under Performing School

A lot of school systems throughout America need to take a page out of the handbook being used in Rhode Island’s education system.  Because if Lil Johnny’s test scores suggest that he’s skated into sophomore year with a rack of C’s and D’s on his report card, something is amiss and needs to be reprimanded.  The Rhode Island school system was given the green light to start firing those they thought were dead weight at the school. 

These children are competing on a global stage now and their ability to count and read are paramount.  The superintendent, Frances Gallo, did the right thing to bring some semblance of normalcy to Central Falls High School whose consistently under performing grades would slim their chances to receive federal funding.

Gallo was not reprimanded by anyone, but praised by his colleagues on making the brash decision to fire all the teachers.  According to the report, Some of the teachers will be allowed to apply for their position but half will not be allowed to return.  The only people who took a stand for the teachers were the under performing teenagers who made attempt to storm out of schol

Read about this heroic tale in education here.

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