Black History Month Spotlight: Muhammad Ali (Video)

Muhammad Ali knocks out Sonny Liston to become the world's heavyweight champ.

On this day, February 25,  in 1964, Muhammad Ali became the world heavyweight champion of the world by defeating Sonny Liston with a signature knock out punch that was nicknamed the “Phantom” punch ( maybe because you don’t see that one coming).  Born January 17, 1942, the fast talking, sharp witted 22-year old Ali was on top of the world.  He had already earned himself a gold medal in Rome at the 1960 Summer Olympics.  He went on to have a successful, but at times troubled, life in the world of boxing.

Muhammad Ali would go on to hold the heavyweight championship for  five years from 1964-1969.  In 1967, he took a stance against the Vietnam war and refused to serve in the military.   But he became a household name for his accomplishments and will forever be known as the GOAT.  Read more about his life here.

Check him out against Sonny Liston:

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