Man Beats IRS Bulldozes Home (Video)

The IRS has turned the American white male into a terrorist/destruction force.  Two incidents within a week of each other.  First, the man flies a plane into the IRS building in Austin, now this?!  This guy, Terry Hoskins, takes a bulldozer and demolishes his own palatial pad as a sort of a middle finger to the U.S. government.  He even says, “It took three years and eight months to build it and only two hours to take it down.”

The problem was that he was “cross collateralled” during a foreclosure, so they not only wanted his $350,000 home in Clairmont county, Ohio(which is first sign that this ESTATE wasn’t built on the East Coast anywhere) they wanted all of his business and other properties.  At least there’s some semblance of reasoning in his case, but he had to be damn mad to bulldoze this place.  Check it out:

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