Do You Have ‘Penis Pants’ Envy?

Designer Isabel Mastache has pulled off the biggest fashion jedi mind trick ever!  She showed up to Madrid’s fashion week with a collection of foolishness Edward Scissorhands and Alice in Wonderland would look at sideways. The collection HAS to be for either them or some other majorly ridiculous flamboyant type of production.  If not, I’m getting out my scissors, thread, pillow cushions and a Dr. Pepper and start my own collection that I know can rival this foolishness.  And her piece de resistance, the friggin PENIS PANTS?! Somebody call the police!  She needs to be locked up!

The fashion experts along the runway were not shown.  We could’ve gotten a better idea of their reaction if we could see their faces.  But more than likely, their faces were contorted in a way fitting for the collection.   Also, black men, please be happy you were not asked to model in this show…penis pants or not.  The magic that would have to be performed to actually get you in there would’ve resulted in a new collection or at least a line of penis pants  that are for the Magnum-sized individual. 

Somebody get Isabel on the phone!  We need to talk about my career in fashion…ASAP!


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