Extreme Home Makeover Scales Back Due to Recession

ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is more than a reality construction show.  It is an uplifting, socially conscious, tear jerker that makes people want to “reach out and touch/somebody’s hand/make this world a better place/if you can.”  The show has been known to find the most wonderful people and make them palaces that fit the energy and love they have put into their communities.  But because of the recession, people have to take a Home Makeover…”extreme” is no longer a part of anything outside of the name of the show.

One of the show’s designers, Paul DiMeo, known for his comedic antics and bedroom special effects, spoke with AOL’s Wallet Pop to provide insight into why the mansions have turned into single family homes.  The taxes and upkeep of these homes are rough on the new owners and an added problem they did not foresee when offered the blessing of a new home.

Usually a dozen contractors would show up to help out, but now there might be two or three and their wallets are closed tight.  There are no mortgages being  paid anymore.  It appears that most families are responsible for paying all the extreme bills when they get back from Disney World.

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