Controversial Obama Statue in Indonesia Removed from Park

Jakarta, Indonesia is in an uproar over a statue of President Obama being placed in one of their public parks.  They are pissed off because he is being honored when they have so many of their own that should be honored that have not been. The gesture was made for President Obama because he attended school there for a few years.  According to MSNBC, the “statue is meant to inspire Indonesian children to follow their dreams.”

The statue is in the likeness of Obama when he was a child.  It’s a little boy wearing shorts and looking at a butterfly on his finger.  But there are those who hated the idea so bad that they started a ‘I hate the statue group.’  Heru Nugroho started the group page on Facebook to get others to come together and vote the statue out of the park. Well, the plan worked!

The school Obama atteneded as a child, Jakarta Elementerly, moved the statue over to the front of their school.  There, it serves a much greater purpose!  Read the full report here:

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