Man Kidnaps Rapes and Bolts Woman to Floor (Video)

Mobile home of John Manuel Gomez, 59

A real live psychopath has popped up out of nowhere.  According to his neighbors and family, he was a normal guy and helpful to everyone he met.  But we have to cut them off because then there’s an unidentified woman found on his floor BOLTED to the floor who he  sadistically terrorized by kidnapping, beating and raping her over several days.  The demonic 59-year old John Manuel Gomez, had fooled the neighborhood as well as his sister into believing he was normal.  His sister Elena, spoke with the local ABC affiliate in Santa Rosa, Ca., saying that he let the family down and that she could not believe her brother would do something like that.  Authorities arrived at Gomez’s mobile home only to find a 40-year old woman in the bedroom of the trailer begging someone to help her.  ABC reported that she was “tethered at the ankle and her restraint bolted to the floor.”  All his sister could tell the media was how she was so surprised that he would do something like this.  She went on to say how he would help the homeless and provide shelter to them.

“He tries to help these people, getting them off the streets and I really don’t know why it happened because he’s a really good man,” she said. “If they need a place to stay, that’s where they stay.”  But authorities discovered nothing further from the truth.  He had a suspicious female roommate who was also arrested (but released later), signs of drug trafficking, and an unidentified woman who will probably never be the same after days of repeated rapes and beatings. 

Check out the report here:

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