‘Black Jails’ in China Snatch Innocent People

Detained petitioners stand behind locked gates of a black jail in Beijing.© 2007 Reuters

With all of the people in China, you would think people would lose sets here and there and no one would notice.  Well, someone is noticing and they’re mad as hell and the chinese government is backed into a corner on allegations of false imprisonment.  The centers where the innocent are detained are known as “black jails.”  Which sounds like a comparison to what blacks in America experience as they are falsely imprisoned everyday by the American judicial system.  But, more than likely,  they are saying it’s a dark and evil place.

Humans Right Watch has documented this report in a 53-page report called “An Alleyway in Hell,” which discusses who they choose to abduct and where the prisons are located.  The practice has been documented since 2003, when large numbers of Chinese citizens were held in secrecy and abducted for their possessions.  According to the report, it is normally petitioners who are kept in these black jails. They define petitioners as “citizens from mainly rural areas who come to Beijing and other provincial capitals seeking redress for abuses ranging from illegal land grabs and government corruption to police torture.”   Essentially, the country does not want residents to seek help against the bullying and torture that occurs on their farm lands.

The black jails are normally housed in “state-owned hotels, nursing homes, and psychiatric hospitals.”  The hellish dens are places they can take the people and torture them until they are certain they will not alert anyone to what the authorities have done to them.  Those that are involved are local government officials, security forces and their agents.   One abduction is detailed in the report:

“A 46-year-old former detainee from Jiangsu province, who spent more than a month in a black jail, cried with fear and frustration as she recalled her abduction.”[The abductors] are inhuman…two people dragged me by the hair and put me into the car. My two hands were tied up and I couldn’t move. Then [after arriving back in Jiangsu] they put me inside a room where there were two women who stripped me of my clothes…[and] beat my head [and] used their feet to stomp my body,” the former detainee said.”

Read the full report here.

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