Georgia Exports Most Criminal Weapons Into Country (Video)

Weak gun laws in Georgia are making it easy for guns to fall into the wrong hands.   It has taken on the monicker of the “iron pipe line” because so many people are trafficking guns up the I-95 corridor to commit unlawful acts with guns they’re not licensed to have.  CNN reports from a gun store in Savannah, Ga., called “The Gun Shop.”  The store is managed by Kayton Smith and Ricky Duffy. They spent time with the managers to watch the process of obtaining a gun in their store.  It just includes someone filling out a form, an instant background check and then a short wait to see if they will be approved. 

One case showed a delay, but soon after he was approved.  He was a russian immigrant that owed someone in New York a lot of money and he knew they would be coming after him sooner than later, so he needed to up his arsenal.  He actually told the manager that.  But such an easy system of obtaining guns, like applying for a store’s instant credit, stimulates what is called straw purchasers, those who pretend to buy guns for themselves then either gives or sells it to someone who can’t get a firearm…which is also akin to buying alcohol for minors.  But, it’s difficult to see which one is more dangerous.

Check it out:

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