Update: University of Alabama Massacre Claims 2 Black Scientists

We have reported on the slayings at University of Alabama-Huntsville, but we learned yesterday that two of the three scientists that were slain by scientific psychopath Amy Bishop were black.  Dr. Adriel D. Johnson,Sr., 52, present research is in the area of cell biology and nutritional physiology.  According to his page for the Department of Biological Sciences at University of Alabama-Huntsville, his present work “involves aspects of gastrointestinal physiology that seeks to identify methods of beneficially altering digestive function, specifically pancreatic function, in vertebrates.”  Read more here on Dr. Johnson’s work.  Black America Web reported a more personal side of Dr. Johnson that read: “When he wasn’t busy preparing for lectures or working in labs, Johnson often volunteered to teach Boy Scouts in the area about nature. He had been on the faculty at UAH since 1989.” 

Dr. Maria Ragland Davis, is assistant professor in the Department of Biological Sciences whose research, according to her page, is in the area of Fungal Genomics/Proteomics, Biotechnology, and Plant Pathology.  Her present research “focus has been to initially identify novel factors, proteinacious or chemical, which contribute to the fitness of the plant pathogenic fungus, Botrytis cinerea.”  Read more about this scientific superstar’s work here.  You can also view her “personal” page on her site.  Black America reported that Dr. Davis had been on the UAH faculty since 2002. 

The black scientific community is such a limited and elite club we will sorely miss these two scientists whose lives were cut short by Amy Bishop.  Read the full story at Black America Web here.

Dr. Davis and Dr. Johnson, Rest In Peace.

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