University of Alabama Shooting Spree Linked to Harvard Bomb Plot

Amy Bishop

The mad scientist, Amy Bishop, who went on a shooting spree last week when she was not awarded tenure (the lifelong status of employment for academics) with the university took it very hard.  According to MSNBC, she walked into a faculty meeting and began shooting everyone starting with the department Chairperson for Biological Sciences, Gopi K. Podila.  He was fatally wounded.  The other professors that were killed were Adriel Johnson and Maria Ragland Davis. She wounded three others with two of them, Joseph Leahy and staffer Stephanie Monticciolo, in critical condition as of Sunday. The third, Luis Cruz-Vera, had been released from the hospital.

But ever since she was apprehended by authorities, bones have been flying out of her closet.¬† The police released¬†information that shows Bishop killed her brother in 1986.¬† The reasoning is all very fishy too.¬† Her mother was a police officer at one time, so it is believed that there may have been some kind of cover up because the details of the incident didn’t really add up and then the file was sealed.¬† Interesting.

Now the same woman has been linked to a bomb plot at Harvard¬†in 1993.¬†¬†At Harvard, Bishop was named a suspect in a pipe bomb incident concerning a professor Dr. Paul Rosenberg.¬† MSNBC reported that “during the initial investigation, Rosenberg told police that he had received a thin, long package addressed to him and soon discovered that was filled with wires and a cylinder, according to the Boston Globe.”¬† Consequently, the Globe reported that the package had¬† two pipe bombs inside that¬†were hooked up to two nine-volt batteries.¬† Dr. Rosenberg obviously rubbed Bishop the wrong way.¬†

Her colleagues as well as students labelled her¬† “weird”, but she went about the day in her own little quirky way.¬† Which is probably why no one expected her of anything.¬† But, it is evident now that Bishop is out of touch with reality.¬† The report went on to say that she¬†mild mannered when she went with police on¬†Friday, but she denied that the shootings happened. “It didn’t happen. There’s no way. … They are still alive.”¬†

So either her cheese slid off the cracker in the meeting and then she collected her marbles by the time she got to the police car and new she had better ACT crazy or she really is a supreme nut case.  Bishop has four children with her husband, who was also detained and questioned, but not charged.  Surely, if there is any more to this story, we will hear it from the children. 

Read here for more details.

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