Household Cleaners Contribute to Rise of Breast Cancer

There are many “green” household cleaning products on the market now to reduce, in green speak, your carbon footprint.  But, even with the onset of awareness in the United  States the abuse of toxins and chemicals in our society may not save the lives of future generations.  The New York Times reported that a 50 year-old white woman’s chances of developing breast cancer has increased from “1% in 1975 to 12% today.”  The even more interesting statistic would’ve been to offer the 50-year old black woman’s cancer rates.  Black women have been a staple in the kitchens of America for some time. 

Beyond household cleaners, Daily Finance reports that the environment is simply poisonous, which we kinda knew already, thus the invention of terminology like the “carbon footprint.”   The report said that Asians in America confirms that the environment is killing us.  Researchers found that Asian women in the U.S. have alarming rates of breast cancer in comparison to the Asian women living in Asia.  Thus, there must be an environmental connection rather than genetics and cleaning products.

Also in Finance’s report, Dr. Philip Landrigan, Director of the Center for Children’s Health and the Environment at New York’s Mount Sinai School of Medicine testified before Congress saying that environmental factors affect people of all ages.  He said that children that have developed cancer ususally are susceptible to carcinogens via “benzene, other solvents, radiation, arsenic, parental smoking, certain pesticides and certain chemicals in the environment that have the potential to disrupt the function of the endocrine system.”

The Earth has to be protected and the American culture is excessive and utterly opposite of the green plan.  You know how the report concludes?  Good luck with that!  Read the full report here.

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