Girl Escapes Horrific Abuse from Father

Scott Bass

A 14-year old girl escaped from her father’s horrific abuse earlier this week in Phoenix.  Her father, Scott Bass and his wife Andrea Bass were both arrested and charged with unlawful imprisonment, child abuse, and kidnapping.  She escaped through the bathroom window where she had been living for the last couple months. While she was on the run, she managed to alert police to her situation and they went to pick up her father.  The cops wanted to see the bathroom and he opened the door, not knowing that she would not be in there.

 In the prison he made for her, there was no running water and she made a pallet on the floor with a blanket.  Once she was able to get out of the house, she stopped at a coffee shop and a nice couple was nice enough to give her $50. She then “rode her bike 13 miles to a Phoenix strip mall and bought water, food, a backpack and clothes because she hadn’t been allowed to change for weeks,” Associated Press reported.

Scott is still locked up on $45,000 bail, but his wife is out on $36,000.  The couple had four other children, three of them belonged to Andrea and Scott Bass and one was brother to the 14-year old victim.  The children have all been taken from the home.

Read more on the case here.  Unfortunately it gets worse.

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