Pregnant Man on Third Child with Partner

Thomas and Nancy Beatie with their children

Can you believe that the man who has had ONE baby, is preparing to bring his third child in the world?  If you’re still worried because he has ANY, sit down, pull yourself together, you are not alone.  What would possess him to have any children?  Well, you should know that there is a little more to that story.  He isn’t some wild chemistry experiment or the first man implanted with a child to see if he could carry it to term.  He is a she.

The couple, Thomas and Nancy Beatie, are coming to the press before the press can start some mess, according to Thomas.  Nancy wanted Thomas to bring the story before anything was told the wrong way. What could possibly be smeared and made to sound worse in a situation where the husband is really a transgender male who didn’t have his reproductive organs removed during the sex change and you now are up to three children.  Oh yes, I forgot to say, that they are able to have sex even though he didn’t get a penis sewn on.  He opted to take testosterone which grew his clitoris into a small penis.  Is everything accurate Mr. and Mrs. Beatie?

The only people I see getting confused about this situation is the children.  Nancy breastfed both of them, Thomas gave birth to them, and we’re still working on where the sperm came from.  This is a kindergarten class’s dream.  Children can be awfully cruel.  Let’s pray these children aren’t ridiculed and tortured because of their parents interesting arrangement.

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