Mike Tyson Fights for Points on Italy’s ‘Dancing With the Stars’

This should have ended up as a Jokey Joke, but it appears that when Mike Tyson agreed to do Italy’s version of “Dancing with the Stars,” he was really giving it his all.  But watching Mike Tyson try to be a sport and be a normal guy is still kinda weird right now.  He’s loose and wiggling all around like a fish out of water, but the steps are not in step.  But,  it doesn’t matter because the moment he gets started the crowd eats it up.  They even give him a standing O for effort.

He didn’t even try to use his fancy footwork from years of boxing training.  His wife was rooting for him from the audience, but you could tell it was taking everything in her to not just give an honest thumbs down for his performance and say, “Let’s blow this pop stand!”  But, fortunately for him, the judges adored him and the language barrier prevented him from saying too much to make this even more interesting.

Didn’t see it?  Here it goes:

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